Shamanic Healing LA Code of Ethics

The mission of Shamanic Healing LA is to empower our clients to advance in their journey toward Spiritual enlightenment, to help our clients gain an understanding of their role in the co-creation of their life, and teach our clients how to interact with Spirit and gain practical wisdom for their lives through various techniques including Tarot, meditation, magic rituals + ceremonies, and yoga. We adhere to the following:

  • Shamanic Healing LA will not share your personal information or anything you discuss in your sessions.

  • Shaman Redwood is not obligated to answer a question that he believes is not working in the direction of your growth.

  • Shamanic Healing LA/Shaman Redwood will not perform services in the spirit of harming another individual.

  • Magic ceremonies and rituals done through Shamanic Healing LA  will only be done in the spirit of growth, healing, and advancement for all, and never to harm or attempt to control the free will of another person.

  • Clients will never be turned away due to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. All are welcome. Minors must have parental consent to receive services.

  • Clients who become dependent on Shamanic Healing LA’s Tarot services may be banned or placed on a 30-day hold if Shaman Redwood believes the client’s use of services is no longer in their best interest.