Healing Sessions

Shamanic Healing Master Session

This is Shaman Redwood's most popular service. Whether you're concerned about family, love, money, career, spirituality, health, or maybe you aren't sure, Shaman Redwood will help you to define your specific blockages. Your session will continue with a customized spiritual treatment to address your needs. This treatment includes a combination of all services such as readings, energy healing, soul retrieval, or any other techniques that may be necessary. ($155 for 90 minutes)

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval involves journeying into your past to retrieve parts of yourself that may have been lost or damaged during traumatic experiences. Shaman Redwood will guide you through the journeying process in a private shamanic ceremony. Soul retrieval can be helpful for releasing traumatic experiences or to help remove energetic blockages that may be holding you back. This shorter 60 minute session is usually scheduled as a follow-up to a reading or a Master Healing Session. ($95 for 1 hour)

Energy Healing

During a session, Shaman Redwood will scan your aura, the luminous energy field around your body, and remove any blockages or intrusions that may be inhibiting your life or causing physical or emotional discomfort. Energy healing is mostly a hands-off treatment with minimal touching, though many people experience physical sensations throughout the body. This shorter 60 minute session is usually scheduled as a follow-up to the Master Healing Session. ($95 for 1 hour)

Distance Healing

Distance Healing sessions are Shamanic Energy Healing treatments done remotely to cleanse your aura, balance your chakras, and remove energy blockages from your life. The treatment may be received across any distance, and the client may be awake or asleep. Sessions start with a brief conversation about the issue, followed by the healing, and finish with any insights received from the spirit guides. Distance healing is a great option for clients around the world  ($50 for 30 minutes)

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings help you gain perspective on the current forces at work in your life right now. Readings are like a weather report on your thoughts, fears, hopes and desires and can be used to predict the outcome of a situation or simply assist in understanding yourself. Shaman Redwood uses the tarot with his natural intuitive gift to give in-depth readings that reveal the truth of a situation. Tarot readings are available in person at the Shamanic Healing LA office in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, and by phone or Skype. 

$30 for 15 min | $50 for 30 min | $65 for 45 min | $75 for 1 hour

Private Training

Learn the spiritual arts for yourself under the guidance of a trained practitioner with over a decade’s experience. Whether you want to practice meditation, magic, shamanism, tarot, or just need a mentor to guide you on the spiritual path, Shaman Redwood can help you advance. If you've attended a class or workshop and want to go deeper or if you just feel more comfortable working one-on-one, Private Training with Shaman Redwood will meet you where you are, and help you to further develop powerful and sacred methods of spiritual growth and healing. 

$65 for 1 hour | $120 for 2 hours

Space Clearing / House Cleansing

Space Clearing is Shamanic Energy Healing for your home, office or business. Shaman Redwood will come to your space and clear it of any unwanted energy or intrusive entities. Space Clearing can help reset the energy in your home, help you sell your house, or increase traffic/income to your business. A great option for realtors with properties that aren't selling, homeowners who feel an uncomfortable energy in their house, or business owners feeling their shop is stuck in a rut. Shaman Redwood will visit your space, assess the situation with you, perform a shamanic ritual to clear the energy, and then offer suggestions on how to raise the vibration of your home or business. 

Space Clearing sessions are approximately 90 minutes in length / $300