The Nature of Consciousness

Scientists and philosophers have puzzled over this question for ages without agreement. For many, discussing the c-word in academics is taboo - as the gaping hole in our vast library of human knowledge, it’s best left unmentioned. However, quantum physicists, neuroscientists, and cosmologists are slowly breaking these taboos now, using modern discoveries to bring new light to these ancient questions. 

I reject the materialist notion that the mental state spontaneously arose out of physical processes simply through natural selection. I don’t reject natural selection - it’s an excellent description of how forms change over time. But the process does not explain the development of the subjective experience. It may even articulate how subjectivity developed neurologically, but that still doesn’t explain why. What is the purpose of awareness? 

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Meditating with Mantras

Some say that the mantra itself is irrelevant: that repeating any sound ad nauseam will produce the desired results of one-pointed relaxation and trancelike focus. Find out for yourself by experimenting with all of the mantras mentioned above and see which ones work best for you. Ultimately, your preference won’t necessarily signal the rightness of one mantra over another, it will just reveal what works for you. If gibberish effectively brings you to a state of one-pointedness focus, then more power to you. 

But if you believe that there is something miraculous in the nature of sound and language, in the relationship between vibration and meaning, then it’s not a far stretch to imagine that words themselves could be magical and that their repetition could focus their creative power to produce meaningful results.

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How to Cast a Protective Circle

Many of my clients come to me convinced that they are possessed by a spirit or demon. Possession can also be a very real phenomenon, but usually, the strange experience is caused by internal energy blockages or intrusive energies that are only harmful because they are out of balance, not because they are inherently negative or evil. Energy blocks and intrusions are quite common, while possession is somewhat rare. 

But even though the risks of possession or black magic are rare, there is still good reason to err on the side of caution. While there may not be trained black magicians out there cursing you, the negative thoughts and feelings of others can get stuck to you.

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The Energetic Universe

The idea that the universe is energy isn’t controversial or new. Einstein and a parade of quantum physicists have upended the materialist conclusions of classical physics: it turns out that time is relative and that physical objects are just made up of energetic waves. So the two essential foundations of physical reality that we all take for granted - time and matter - aren’t totally there.

Our approach to reality hasn’t caught up with this new understanding. Relativity and string theory grasp at a truth that mystics have known all along:

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3 Steps to Establishing a Daily Meditation Practice

Meditation can quickly become like your new diet or going to the gym: just another chore that you beat yourself up for not doing. The challenge of establishing a daily meditation practice is universal, and it’s really the first step on the road to mastering your mind. Every beginner faces the monumental task of establishing their practice, so here’s how you can approach the challenge.

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Magical Ways to Find What's Lost

There are many ways to use magic to find what you’ve lost. Often, people first turn to magic when they’ve experienced a profound loss and seek to reverse their situation. Unfortunately, not everything is meant to be found, and not every mystery is meant to be solved. But magic can at least turn the odds in your favor.  

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