Traffic Magic for Road Rage

Traffic is a terrible feature of modern life that we all have to deal with sooner or later. Those of us in Los Angeles enjoy many hours in cars, bumper to bumper, but traffic is really a global curse. Traffic causes a special kind of frustration called Road Rage. I’m not just talking about people getting out of their cars to fight or shoot each other. I’m also talking about the subtle Road Rage we all experience and indulge in: shouting, flipping the finger, slamming the horn in anger, etc.

What if I told you that you don’t hate traffic because traffic itself is so bad, but that traffic itself is caused by people indulging in feeling bad? 

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Banishing Spell for a Negative Person

The influence that a negative person can have on your life goes beyond the way they make you feel. Being around a lower vibrational person lowers your own vibration. If you’re goal is personal and spiritual growth, the negative people in your life will begin to stand out prominently.

With a banishing spell, you can create the conditions for a negative to pass through your life, or for you to become protected from their influence

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Managing Money Angst

We all have money problems.

In fact, the more money we have, the more complex and subtle our problems get. But these days, with an uncertain economy, changing technological landscape, and increasing depression and anxiety, money is on everyone’s mind. The first thing we all sacrifice is our own wellness, and we call that being responsible or having a good work ethic, thinking that somehow we’ll accomplish more faster. The opposite is true. All we’re accomplishing here is practicing being unhappy, practicing waiting to feel good later. But in order to successfully accomplish anything, we need to feel good first. 

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Katelyn Benton