Meet Nabeel


A lifelong intuitive & empath, Nabeel Redwood is a trained shaman, a practicing mystic and an energy healer dedicated to helping others. He provides Shamanic Energy Healing sessions, insightful Tarot readings, and teaches a variety of classes on magic, meditation and shamanism.

As a healer, Shaman Redwood practices Shamanic Energy Healing to assist his clients with overcoming challenges relating to money & career, sex & love, creativity & productivity, depression & anxiety, and more. During his Shamanic Healing Sessions a customized healing treatment is created based on the concerns you discuss during your appointment.

Shaman Redwood is also an experienced meditator, trained in the Vipassana tradition of Insight Meditation. As a teacher, Shaman Redwood trains students to practice advanced meditation techniques and powerful shamanic magic in a friendly, accessible way.

Shaman Redwood's extensive knowledge and experience with shamanism, magic and meditation enable him to help people achieve their own personal healing, self-improvement and spiritual advancement.