Unlike so many readers and healers in Los Angeles who are quacks trying to capitalize on a growing magical trend, Nabeel is authentic and seasoned. He will not create a dependence on him to take your money over and over while promising pie in the sky results...he’s quite the opposite. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear to massage your fragile ego or support an existing confirmation bias, Nabeel is the wrong provider for that bs because he’s actually a legitimate professional.
— A.R. via Yelp

“I felt a tangible shift in my body and mind by the end of the session and a real sense of journey. Since, I have felt a centred feeling of calm security and have found myself less reactive to external pressures.”

-F.W. via Yelp

I had my very first shamanic healing session and reading today, and I was completely blown away by Nabeel. As a mental health therapist and fellow healer, I can say without hesitation that Nabeel has a gift for identifying the root causes of suffering on an individual level, and for using his extensive knowledge of tarot and the mystical/spiritual realm to provide healing and insight.
— Jenna B. via Yelp
...it wasn’t until days later that I realized just how successful the session was. He helped discover my blockage that was the root of my problems for YEARS and flushed it out of me. I am so glad I went here, I feel like I have a fresh start on life. I’m telling anyone that will listen, they need to go! I wasn’t sure if I believed in this stuff, but after this visit I’m truly a believer.
— Carson L.

"Shaman Redwood is an incredibly gifted healer. After our session, I not only had sound advice and a great re-grounded feeling, I actually felt like myself again for the first time in a while. Everything about the experience was above and beyond my hopes and expectations. I HIGHLY suggest you check him out!"

Briana H. via Yelp

"The experience has helped recalibrate my existence in the present moment and rejuvenated me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you're looking for clarity in any area of your life, the world or just want to "check in" with yourself, go and see Nabeel."

Greg S. via Yelp

...not only did I walk away from our session with a fresh perspective on the tides of my life, but I gained an understanding of tarot that fit with my own blend of skepticism and belief.
— Will C. via Yelp

"The insight he provided was invaluable, and we finished with a guided meditation session that left me in tears of what I can only explain as relief."

Mark S. via Yelp

"Whether the outlook is optimistic or full of hardships, Nabeel has been able to give me intelligent, practical, informed advice that helped me to make decisions from a place of greater wisdom..."

Christopher M.  via Yelp

Not only is Nabeel gifted but he’s very warm and positive he also takes his time with you and is very thorough. He’s very empathetic and compassionate and goes Above and beyond.
— Vienna V. via Yelp

"He is the first person who inspired me to follow the healing path because he helped me work through a very painful breakup and channel that pain into transformation and deep healing."

Lauren A. via Yelp

 He was able to help me clarify where my energy was blocked, and explored several areas of my life with me in a manner that helped me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Jenna B. via Yelp

"(Nabeel's) approach is very welcoming, compassionate, and empathetic, which is very important when discussing very personal and sometimes challenging issues."

Christopher M. via Yelp

I HIGHLY recommend Shaman Redwood — whether or not you are seeking help with inner peace, enlightenment, spiritual healing, or for any personal conflicts like feelings of anger, frustration, or being stuck.
— Mark S. via Yelp

"I asked about a very sensitive topic, and his calm energy put me at ease, even when telling me some things that were tough to hear. I was impressed by his spot-on insight and plan to meet with him again."

Laura B. via Yelp

"I have had several wonderful tarot readings with Nabeel and I recommend him for anyone looking to get a reading for the first time, or for those who've received readings before and want to understand the mechanisms behind the utility of tarot in a larger perspective."

Rachelle H. via Yelp

"...he said something about my mother and I called home immediately and everything he said was happening. Very in touch. Lovely experience, will go back, will recommend to friends!"

Dakota B. via Yelp

A lot of people in this trade keep a veil between you and the How & Why of these things. Nabeel’s focus is different. He is a natural teacher, and this comes through in his work.
— Will C. via Yelp

"At first I had no idea how he could possibly make sense of all the (seemingly) unrelated facets of my life that I wanted to understand, but after an hour of tarot assessments I felt like he had guided all of these 'random' thoughts and preconceived notions from my personal history and showed me how they're all connected! He also shed light on the trends and patterns that I never knew existed about myself, and guided me through methods on how to be aware and present in order to identify and overcome the negative byproducts of my past programming."

Mark S. via Yelp

Nabeel is not only knowledgeable and insightful, but has an attitude and demeanor that puts you right at ease...I would highly recommend his services to anyone who’s seeking clarity.
— Christopher M. via Yelp

"Nabeel is warm, present, articulate, wise, and intuitive. My session with him today was one of the more powerful healing sessions I've experienced and I recommend him to anyone who is seeking personal growth, healing, and clarity."

Jenna B. via Yelp

"Nabeel is very easy to talk to about difficult things. His energy is calming, and his knowledge is incredibly vast and informative."

Rachelle H. via Yelp

Super personable, super insightful, and genuinely caring.
— Will C. via Yelp