Space Clearing is Shamanic Energy Healing for your home, office or business. Shaman Redwood will come to your space and clear it of any unwanted energy or intrusive entities. Space Clearing can help reset the energy in your home, help you sell your house, or increase traffic/income to your business. A great option for realtors with properties that aren't selling, homeowners who feel an uncomfortable energy in their house, or business owners feeling their shop is stuck in a rut. Shaman Redwood will visit your space, assess the situation with you, perform a shamanic ritual to clear the energy, and then offer suggestions on how to raise the vibration of your home or business. 


Other Services

 Energy Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing is a hands-off healing technique that clears your energetic blockages, balances your chakras and extracts intrusive entities or harmful energies.


Shamanic Healing LA offers workshops, classes, and retreats in Los Angeles focused on teaching magic, meditation, mysticism, shamanic energy healing, meditation and more.