Shamanic Healing Master Session

This is Shaman Redwood's most popular service. Your session will start with an evaluation to determine the most prominent feelings and challenges that have brought you to see a shamanic healer. Whether you're concerned about family, love, money, career, spirituality, health, or maybe you aren't sure, Shaman Redwood will help you to define your specific blockages. Your session will continue with a customized spiritual treatment to address your needs. This treatment may include a combination of a variety of methods such as a reading, a healing, a retrieval, guided meditation, or any other shamanic healing techniques that may be necessary.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval involves journeying into your past to retrieve parts of yourself that may have been lost or damaged during traumatic experiences. Shaman Redwood will guide you through the journeying process in a shamanic ceremony. Soul retrieval can be helpful for dealing with traumatic experiences or to help you unblock the part of yourself you are holding back.

Energy Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing is a hands-off healing technique that clears your energetic blockages, balances your chakras and extracts intrusive entities or harmful energies. This healing modality treats your luminous energy field to assist in releasing blockages relating to money & career, family & relationships, sex & love, creativity & productivity, and depression & anxiety. During a healing session, you'll have your energy field examined, including your aura and chakras (the body's major energy centers). Then, the Guardian Spirits of the Four Directions are called to join the healing process of opening your chakras, clearing out any blockages, and illuminating the chakras with fresh vital energy. Afterward, you'll receive information from your spirit guides and practical advice to move forward.

Distance Healing Session

Distance Healing sessions are Shamanic Energy Healing treatments done remotely to cleanse your aura, balance your chakras, and remove energy blockages from your life. The treatment may be received across any distance. Sessions start and end with brief calls to discuss the healing and any insights received from the spirit guides. Distance healing is a great option for clients around the world. While sessions may be booked on behalf of others, their permission is required to proceed.

Other Services

Tarot Readings

Tarot shows a weather report on your thoughts, fears, hopes and desires and can be used to predict the outcome of a situation or simply assist in understanding yourself.

Private Training

Learn the spiritual arts for yourself under the guidance of a trained practitioner with over a decade's experience. These private training sessions are available to individuals or small groups of up to 3 students.