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The Limits of Reason

In certain Native American spiritual traditions, the universe was described as an infinite series of emanations of the Great Spirit. The Native Americans’ Great Spirit is closer to the monist God-as-everything than the monotheist God-as-separate-creator. The Great Spirit is understood to be the existential ground of being that everything else exists within.

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Spring is Here

Spring is here, and the Sun is returning. The flowers bloom, the birds sing again and the bees buzz. The season of Aries is a time to take action, start new projects, and initiate new relationships. As life returns to the world, consider what you want to grow this year with a focus on action.

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The Difference Between Meditation, Prayer, and Visualization

Many spells call for meditating upon our goal, visualizing certain colors & scenes, or praying to specific deities. Some books refer to these practices interchangeably while other traditions draw firm lines between them. A traditional Buddhist would not consider meditation as part of a ritual magic spell to be ‘real’ meditation, just as a devout Catholic would be dismayed at the use of prayer in a pagan ritual.  So where do these techniques intersect and where do they differ? 

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