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The Difference Between Meditation, Prayer, and Visualization

Many spells call for meditating upon our goal, visualizing certain colors & scenes, or praying to specific deities. Some books refer to these practices interchangeably while other traditions draw firm lines between them. A traditional Buddhist would not consider meditation as part of a ritual magic spell to be ‘real’ meditation, just as a devout Catholic would be dismayed at the use of prayer in a pagan ritual.  So where do these techniques intersect and where do they differ? 

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Choose Your Thoughts

Thoughts are invisible and immaterial, and yet they produce results that are visible and material. Look around you: every object you see, every building, every car, every book, every movie, every song... these were all once invisible, immaterial ideas in someone's head before they became a reality. Likewise, the seeds of future realities hover around in your mind, waiting to be planted and nurtured into being.

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The Key to Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Many of us bring in the New Year with the hope of positive change in our lives. We set resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, quit smoking, cut down screen time, or many other intentions that are meant to bring us more health, happiness, balance, success, and love. But for most, these resolutions are abandoned a few weeks or months into the year, and we fall back into our old habits. Why do so many people fail at making lasting changes, even when the desire to change remains? What is the secret to creating lasting change in our lives?

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