Water Magic Spells

Nabeel Redwood Shamanic Healer Water Magic.png

Fire magic can often steal the show—between fire ceremonies, lighting candles and burning incense & sage, magic can seem fire-centric sometimes. But water magic is equally effective, and often provides a deeper connection to the divine feminine. Water magic is especially appropriate for emotions and matters of the heart. If you are looking to conjure some love magic or even a spell to heal depression or grief, water magic may be the better choice.

Water is the predominant element on the planet, covering nearly all of its surface. We can use the magical potency of such a massive natural presence to make our wishes and dreams come true. Below is a simple water magic spell you can try. 

How to Cast a Basic Water Spell

1) Search the shore for a seashell. Dwell in the feeling of satisfaction for your desires being met. Then blow your intention onto the seashell.

2) Hold the shell between your palms over your heart. Visualize your desired outcome and imagine how wonderful it would feel to have what you want. Visualize with all senses, imagining how the outcome would feel, sound and smell.

3) Place the shell on the sand, close to where the tide will wash it away. 

4) Kneel before the shell and pray to the goddess of Moon and Sea. Thank her for the abundance of the sea, for the life-giving powers of the ocean.  Ask that she send her tides to accept your seashell offering, and grant your wish in return. 

5) Finally, draw a symbol in the sand around the seashell to seal your spell. Keep it simple. For love, try a heart. For money, try a dollar sign. For luck, try a four-leaf clover.

6) As soon as you’ve sealed the spell, leave the area immediately. Know that the tides will take your spell into the heart of the ocean along with your message to the goddess. 

If you do not live near a large body of water, you can still do water magic with what you have at home.

1) Find a glass, jar, or other container and fill it with water.

2) Hold your right palm over the container and visualize your desired outcome and pray to the Goddess of Moon and Sea. Thank her for her power and abundance. Ask that she send her tides to accept your prayer and grant you your wish.

3) Blow your intention into the glass of water and then drink it to draw something toward you, or toss it outside in nature to banish something from your life.