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How to Cast a Love Spell

The purpose of a Honey Jar spell is to sweeten someone’s feelings towards you. The spell can be used romantically—say, to attract your crush closer to you—but it’s not limited to that kind of love. If you’ve fallen out of favor with your boss, a sweetener spell could get you back on their radar. In fact, Honey Jar spells are a very effective form of defensive magic when anyone is conjuring anger or resentment toward you, since the spell can soften negative feelings and turn enemies into friends.

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Protection Spell for Travelers

Spring adventures have arrived, but with Mercury in retrograde until April 15th, any form of travel may become more difficult. Expect traffic, delays and cancellations. Astrologers advise against traveling during this time, but for some of us, it’s unavoidable. You may want to use some protection magic to keep you and your fellow adventurers safe while on the road. Here is a simple magic spell you can cast before your next trip.

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Candle Magic Spell for Attraction

Most spells usually fall into one of two categories: either banishing or attracting. Banishing spells are all about getting rid of what no longer serves you—be it a bad habit, toxic relationship or an intrusive entity. Attraction spells are the exact opposite. They’re about calling in what you need now, be it love, money or personal power. Don’t let the name fool you: ‘attraction’ here isn’t necessarily limited to sex and romance. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish or acquire, you can use attraction spells to bring yourself closer to your goals.

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