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Reverse Divination with the Tarot Cards

Everyone knows that Tarot cards can be used for divination: the art of gathering information about past, present or future through supernatural means. But few people are aware that the arcane imagery of the Tarot—and virtually any other deck of divination cards—can be repurposed to magically create outcomes, rather than only predict them. 

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How to Cast a Love Spell

The purpose of a Honey Jar spell is to sweeten someone’s feelings towards you. The spell can be used romantically—say, to attract your crush closer to you—but it’s not limited to that kind of love. If you’ve fallen out of favor with your boss, a sweetener spell could get you back on their radar. In fact, Honey Jar spells are a very effective form of defensive magic when anyone is conjuring anger or resentment toward you, since the spell can soften negative feelings and turn enemies into friends.

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The Difference Between Meditation, Prayer, and Visualization

Many spells call for meditating upon our goal, visualizing certain colors & scenes, or praying to specific deities. Some books refer to these practices interchangeably while other traditions draw firm lines between them. A traditional Buddhist would not consider meditation as part of a ritual magic spell to be ‘real’ meditation, just as a devout Catholic would be dismayed at the use of prayer in a pagan ritual.  So where do these techniques intersect and where do they differ? 

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