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Treating Depression with Meditation

Self-destructive thoughts create a negative feedback loop that physically carves that perspective into your gray matter, practically etched in stone. Think of the rain eroding a mountainside, carving a valley out of the dirt. The deeper that valley is eroded by the rain, the likelier the chance of any future rainfall to travel the same path and cut the valley even deeper, exponentially creating a feedback loop. Your thoughts are the rain, your brain is the mountain. It’s up to you where you want to the rain to go, but it might be a herculean task to reverse the erosion when you’ve indulged in self-destructive thinking for as long as I did. But it is possible. 

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3 Steps to Establishing a Daily Meditation Practice

Meditation can quickly become like your new diet or going to the gym: just another chore that you beat yourself up for not doing. The challenge of establishing a daily meditation practice is universal, and it’s really the first step on the road to mastering your mind. Every beginner faces the monumental task of establishing their practice, so here’s how you can approach the challenge.

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