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Achieving Stillness in Meditation

There are many of us who want to meditate, but are intimidated by the prospect of sitting still. People insist they are too fidgety, too out of shape, too absent-minded to sit still for long periods of time. 

The good news is that meditation is not about stillness. If you’re driving yourself crazy trying to be perfectly motionless, then you’re missing the relaxing benefits of meditation. Meditation is ultimately an attentional exercise, not an endurance challenge

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The Difference Between Meditation, Prayer, and Visualization

Many spells call for meditating upon our goal, visualizing certain colors & scenes, or praying to specific deities. Some books refer to these practices interchangeably while other traditions draw firm lines between them. A traditional Buddhist would not consider meditation as part of a ritual magic spell to be ‘real’ meditation, just as a devout Catholic would be dismayed at the use of prayer in a pagan ritual.  So where do these techniques intersect and where do they differ? 

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3 Steps to Establishing a Daily Meditation Practice

Meditation can quickly become like your new diet or going to the gym: just another chore that you beat yourself up for not doing. The challenge of establishing a daily meditation practice is universal, and it’s really the first step on the road to mastering your mind. Every beginner faces the monumental task of establishing their practice, so here’s how you can approach the challenge.

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