Banishing Spell for a Negative Person


The influence that a negative person can have on your life goes beyond the way they make you feel. Being around a lower vibrational person lowers your own vibration. If you’re goal is personal and spiritual growth, the negative people in your life will begin to stand out prominently.

With a banishing spell, you can create the conditions for a negative to pass through your life, or for you to become protected from their influence.

What You’ll Need

  • Dried Sage

  • A photo of the person you wish to banish

  • If possible, any artifacts with the person’s own handwriting or signature

  • Pen and paper

  • Black candle and matches

  • Cauldron or other fire safe container

  • black tourmaline, black obsidian, smokey quartz, or another protection stone or totem

  • Magic herb mixes or potions (optional)

Banishing Spell for a Negative Person

  1. Create a sacred space by smudging yourself and your room with with the dried sage.

  2. Write your petition paper. Include the person’s full name and write: “I banish X from my life. I banish X from having negative feelings towards me,” and any other specific actions you would like to banish this person from.

  3. Dress your candle and petition paper with your herb mixes and potions (optional)

  4. Fold your petition paper in half, then in half again, folding away from you.

  5. Light the black candle

  6. Hold your petition paper and totem at your heart and close your eyes. Visualize your life without this person’s negativity and what that feels like. Once you have a sense of this, blow your intention into the petition paper.

  7. Light your petition paper with the flame from your candle. Burn your paper completely in the fire safe container.

  8. End with a prayer of gratitude for this person’s negative influence being out of your life.

  9. If possible, let your candle burn all the way down in a safe location.

  10. Carry your stone or totem for at least 3 weeks