The Greatest Secret of the Shamans

The greatest secret of the shamans, the mystics, the yogis, the tantriks, the kabbalists, and all the world's witches and magicians is quite simply this:

Material reality is just as real as scientists say, but this physical world is dependent upon an immaterial consciousness that is totally independent, ie self-dependent.

Put another way, everything is the Light of Consciousness, the flame of awareness in you that illuminates the world around you. This light both produces and then is obscured by physical, emotional, and mental energy, and the proof is your own constant experience of every moment.

After all, even in the absence of 'external' sensory data from the waking world, the light of our consciousness goes on producing internal worlds while dreaming, and even retains a glimmer of awareness during the dim dreamless sleep.

But how do we know that the individual light of your personal consciousness is rooted in some transpersonal Light of Consciousness?

Even science tells us that all physical matter (the material reality) is reducible to energy (light), and that all energy is self-contained within a universe/multiverse where nothing is created or destroyed. So the shamans argue that if this self-sustaining system of energy is experienced solely through the collective experiences of individual conscious beings, then that consciousness is obviously a feature of the whole system, suggesting a consciousness totality that could be considered divine from our human point of view.

Ultimately, this secret is simple in the sense that we are just reversing the perspective that you are in the universe to the perspective that the universe is in you. Though the concept is simple, it is difficult to grasp, which is why they are secret: not because they should be kept hidden, but because even in plain sight, the unwise cannot comprehend.

But to the initiated, you need only consider the Light of Consciousness as a candle's flame: a single flame illuminates the world around it, and that single flame can then light an infinite number of other candles without ever losing a bit of its luster.