Everything is a Person


The shamans tell us that everything is a person, including the planet. Mother Earth, or Pachamama, is a great goddess of fertility and creation. What is a goddess but a living, creative entity upon which life depends? What is the planet but a living, creative entity upon which life depends?

Our sense of being a person is the most fundamental aspect of our existence; why should we be so arrogant as to assume that personhood is exclusively for humans? In shamanism, we teach that all stars, planets, stones, plants, and animals are people too. They are each Great Spirit vibrating at different frequencies of manifestation. We are on another, and the spirits which the shamans commune with exist on yet another, more intangible frequency. But this spectrum of varying frequencies of consciousness manifesting itself is not a hierarchy of top-down levels, but rather a wheel of equal expression in all directions.

The scientific evidence tells us that our own consciousness arose naturally out of Earth, which means the Earth is an entity which grows conscious beings. In other words, the Earth is a Goddess, and that's not a metaphor.