Our Modern Culture is Ludicrously Backwards


…Even though we pretend to be an advanced civilization.

Our modern civilization is not tailored to fulfill the needs of people, but people are modified to serve the machine of money-making. We spend the majority of our time away from our families while working to make other people richer. Since we must work most of the day, we are forced to pay other people to watch and teach our children. Since we are too tired to do much else at the end of the day, we are forced to pay other people to watch and care for our elders. Since we must compete with our own neighbors to survive, our neighborhoods are not communities but simply collections of houses owned by banks. Since every minute of our day is devoted to making money and surviving, we have little time or energy to actually live. The worst part of it all is that we've been brainwashed into thinking that this condition is natural, and that it's advanced and progressive.

But let's look back to the harmony of indigenous tribal life: in the village, everyone works together instead of competing against one another; money/goods/services serve people rather than people chasing money for its own sake; the elders care for the children and the children care for the elders. In our modern culture, we have compartmentalized ourselves into separate boxes, set ourselves in competition with one another, and then we wonder why we feel so alienated, lonely, and depressed. Rather than addressing the root of these problems, our economy monetizes them so that someone else can get rich off of your inability to walk your dog, teach your child, or care for your elders. If we need an app to have strangers walk our pets, raise our kids, and care for our aging parents, all because we are too busy working to pay for it all, something is profoundly wrong with our way of life. So which 'civilization' would you rather live in?