Kindling a Fire of Peace


Every time we meditate, we kindle a small fire of inner peace.

As we breathe in, we enjoy the warmth of this inner light. As we breathe out, we fan the flame higher. The more we dwell by this fire, disengaging from everything else, the more the blaze of inner peace expands. Eventually, the kindling of the lower self catches, and the fire sustains itself, providing a reliable space of inner peace for you, independent of outer circumstances. Then, bathing yourself repeatedly in the heat of the flame, burning away everything that isn't peace, suddenly peace emanates even further out, encompasses your entire world and all the beings within it. In this state, all who come near you find their negative energies incinerated by your warmth. This state is always accessible to you - it need not be sought. Simply close your eyes and delight in the fullness of your own breath.

There it is.