Self-Reflection is the Gateway to Enlightenment

Self-reflection is the gateway to enlightenment. You must gaze inward at yourself, at your own mind, at your own consciousness. You can observe the world around you, you can observe your body, you can observe your feelings, you can observe your thoughts, but can you observe the observer in you? Self-reflection means to gaze at the inner self who is witnessing your life and to draw closer to that inner self. Self-reflection does not mean self-absorbed navel-gazing which is just thinking about yourself. Self-obsession is the pit above which the tightrope of your spiritual practice hangs. Many of us mistake self-centered ness for self-reflection, and our mind becomes an inescapable hell. Don’t think about yourself, observe yourself relentlessly, stripping away everything that isn’t the observer, and there you’ll discover the light of spirit.